the M partnership


The  M  partnership is a fully resourced, efficiently managed, Creative Consultancy based in Worcestershire. We provide a menu of services that includes marketing guidance, advertising solutions, a wide range of creative and design work, PR, social media support and wow photography.

As Directors, Mandi Doyle and Guy Boardman like to work to an important principle; ‘The whole solution is here’. This means that we seek to develop a great relationship with every client, for mutual benefit and manage all projects ourselves. However, we can also call upon a long-standing team of Approved Creative Partners to utilise their specialist skills. This might include media buyers, designers, writers, photographers, web engineers or food stylists.

Many smaller marketing businesses have been popping up in recent years and promoting a depth of knowledge and a breadth of experience that they simply don’t have. The  M  partnership was formed in 2000, after years of gaining relevant qualifications, skills and industry experience elsewhere. This provides a crucial benefit to our clients, especially in competitive market places such as food & drink and retail.

We are delighted to be working with Worcestershire Food and Drink . . The prospect of providing anything from refreshing logos and eye-catching packaging to product placement and festival support is, well, mouth-watering!


Business Hours

9am – 6pm Monday to Friday