Safety in Action


Safety in Action is run by ex EHO Karen Meadows and works with small and medium sized businesses, including caterers and the food industry.

New businesses often don’t know what they don’t know and that’s where we help.  We will ensure you get your Food Safety (and Health and Safety) RIGHT from the start, and then beyond.

Growing businesses often need to reassess their compliance.  You may have increasing numbers of employees or there may be changes in the quantity or type of food produced.  You may face external audits e.g. from private sectors buyers, SALSA or BRC.  We will advise on what you need to do to get your documentation and procedures right.

For established businesses we offer periodic inspections and audits to give peace of mind that standards are being maintained.

Businesses must have a Competent Person for Health and Safety and if you don’t have one in-house we can take on that role.

After many years in enforcement for food hygiene and health and safety we understand what needs to be done to ensure legal compliance and satisfy the enforcing authorities without going over the top.

Business Hours

09:00 -17:00 (out of hours for emergencies)


5 Beach Close, Evesham, Worcestershire WR11 1GH

Telephone 07786622741